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Best Desi breakfast in Edmonton

Raja Foods has been serving the best desi breakfast in Edmonton for many years, and our restaurant is well-known for serving authentic Pakistani and Indian cuisine in Edmonton.

Note: Please ask for Breakfast Menu for more details (Served only from 10 am to 2 pm) Weekend regular menu is served after 12 pm

Cholay Bhaturay Combo

Contains two bhaturay, chickpeas, potato, onion, pickle, and raita chutney.
Extra Bhatura: ($2.99)

Price: $10.99

Halwa Poori combo

You can order extra poori for halwa poori combo but it is only available up to 2 pm. Extra poori ($1.99)

Price: $10.99

Bread and Omelet

Four toasts with egg omelet or fried eggs.

Price: $12.99

Plain paratha and Omelet

Flat bread (2) cooked with oil/ghee on griddle, served with egg omelet or fried eggs.

Price: $12.99

Beef Paya

Cow trotters cooked at low heat with mild spices and herbs
Weight: 16 oz serving

Price: $14.99

Beef Nihari

Beef shank meat cooked at low heat with bone marrow and mild spices.
Weight: 16 oz serving

Price: $14.99