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Vegetable Samosa

$4.99 (2 pieces), $21.99 (12 pack special)

Pastry with mashed boiled potatoes, peas, carrots and mild spices.

Beef Samosas

2 pieces $4.99, 12 pack special $21.99

Pastry with onions, ground beef, and mild spices.

Fish Pakora

$9.99 (8 pieces)

Deep fried boneless Basa fish in mild spices and served with Cilantro chutney.

Vegetable Pakora

$6.99 (8 pieces)

Deep fried fritters, made from finely cut spinach, onions, potatoes, cauliflower mixed with chickpea flour and deep fried to perfection.

Samosa Chaat


Vegetable Samosas with homemade Chickpeas gravy topped with Onions, Tomatoes and our finest sauces.

Papri Chaat


Chickpeas and potatoes mixed with mild spices, some of our finest sauces, and topped with homemade crackers.


$4.99 (Regular) – $5.25 (Seasoned)

Could be exactly the way they are supposed to be or you can get them seasoned.